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product Features

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Dust Free

Stall Master Shavings are virtually dust free. All our shavings are put through multiple dust screening processes to remove dust and smaller particles.This is on one of the main reasons pine shavings are recommended as animal bedding. This dust-free material causes the least possible amount of irritation to the sensitive lungs and bronchial tubes, which benefits the animals’ health and well-being.



Compared to the likes of straw dust free pine wood shavings have a very high absorption rate.

Stall Master Shavings are 100% produced from rotary kiln dried pine. The drying process removes excess moisture, which can lead to mold and also provides for high absorption rates. Kiln dried shavings reduce excess weight ensuring maximum product in every bale. Wood shavings come in various sizes and you’ll find that as the animal bedding settles, the smaller pieces will form an excellent cushioning base while still maintaining good absorption.


Naturally Antibacterial

If you are looking for animal bedding, your best option is 100% pine wood shavings.

Not only does pine smell wonderfully aromatic thanks to natural odor-absorbing oils, but it is also antibacterial and has ammonia-reducing properties. These naturally occurring features give pine a unique, completely natural defense system against many of the issues that can damage an animal’s health.



Our Shavings are not only efficient and economical to use, but also durable.

As the shavings are broken down, they become part of the cushioning offered by the base of the bedding therefore still offering effect support. The naturally occurring compact structure means it is much easier working with wood fiber as a bedding material. It can be spread quickly and evenly. When cleaning your stable, the wood fiber can be easily shaken loose from the manure using a muck rake so that bedding material does not unnecessarily end up being thrown out.


Ease of Use

The bags the wood shavings come in a durable, water-resistant, UV proof plastic with gusset handles for easy carrying.No more lugging wheelbarrow loads or trying to haul oversized loads to a stall. These convenient bales can be carried easily into position and spread efficiently directly where needed minimized spillage and wasted shavings.

Eco Friendly & Recyclable

Used animal bedding provides a wonderful opportunity to add something back to the environment.

Composting of your discarded bedding and returning this compost to the land provides an excellent way to give something back. Used bedding will only require oxygen (air) and water to begin breaking down and start the process of turning into a rich compost mixture. Our plastic bags can also be added to your plastic recycling program therefore ensuring nothing goes to waste.

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