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2020 Belmont Stakes


Congratulations to Barclay Tagg and Tiz the Law for an impressive win. We are grateful to have our dealer, Finish Line Feed, serving Mr. Tagg and other premiere thoroughbred trainers in South FL and Saratoga NY with our pine shavings.


In 2018, Stall Master completed construction of the most advanced pine shavings drying, processing and packaging facility in the United States. Our goal is to provide the cleanest, safest and healthiest bedding products possible.
Plant Features
Advanced drying system with precise moisture control
Significantly reduced emissions
Double screened with enhanced dust removal using vacuum technology
Exclusive particle separation system for removing wood chunks, bark and splinters
High compression baler with robotic pallet stacking and wrapping
100% recyclable packaging and shipping materials
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We all know that the smallest things can make a big difference including your choice of bedding. Our pine shavings (medium blend and large flake) are designed to help your horse perform its best. All of our products are 100% pine, all-natural and made specifically to keep your horse healthy, happy and comfortable in the stall. Serving the southeast since 2004, ask for our products by name at your local feed and ranch supply store. Export is also available.

Stall Master Pine Shavings Large
Stall Master Medium Blend Pine Shavings.

10 cu ft premium large flake with low dust content and optimum moisture content for maximum cushion (hock protection), absorbency and hygiene.


Our medium flake kiln dried shavings blend provides super absorbent and comfortable bedding for your animals. The smaller flake provides a great base to absorb moisture and the larger flakes that are blended in provide great cushion for your animal.

Our kiln dried, environmentally friendly pine pellets are renowned for their performance by top trainers and stable managers. Made from 100% pine with no chemicals or additives, they offer a healthy, economical bedding solution for your horses by minimizing waste.

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding

Where to find us...

Our products are available throughout Florida at Central States dealers. Ask for them by name.  To search for the nearest location, click below.

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Equine Health


The main purpose of pine bedding is to provide a healthy stall that provides sufficient cushion to prevent hock abrasion and to quickly absorb urine and moisture. Shavings with a broad product size distribution will perform better than all small or large pieces; smaller pieces offer more surface area and absorbency while larger flakes offer a cushion for the horse and a clean appearance in the barn. Pine has naturally occurring, odor absorbing oils. These are what give pine its great aromatic scent and they also have antibacterial plus ammonia reducing properties. 




Other bedding considerations:

Ability to “pick” or clean the stall with a minimum of waste.

Minimal dust, while some dust is created through the compressing, handling and drying of pine wood, superior products use screening or dust collection systems in the production process.

A well ventilated barn or stable area; this will help keep the stall air fresh and will discourage the growth of mold or mildew.

Daily cleaning of the stall.

If you smell ammonia, caused by urine and the breakdown of organic matter in the manure and hay, increase the amount of shavings used until the odor is eliminated. Ammonia can he highly irritating to a horses respiratory system.



"I would like to share some of the experiences I had with the shavings, and I highly recommend using this product. The stall used was a 10x10 ft stall, so calculating about 3 large bags would cover the entire stall. The pine shavings absorbed the waste of the horses very well, they also had a nice scent. The storage of the shavings were very nice as well, when we put them in the stall it stayed together until spread out. These are some of the reasons I suggest this product." 

Lillian Mowrey


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