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Stall Master Produces 100% Pine, All Natural, Horse Bedding.

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About Us

In 2004, Stall Master was founded with a mission to create the highest quality bedding products in the industry by utilizing best-in-class equipment from around the globe. Our sophisticated control system allows us to maintain consistent production temperatures and moisture levels, producing a very high-quality product.

We believe that the bedding you choose for your horse can have a significant impact on its health, comfort and performance. Please ask your local feed dealer to carry our complete line of products so we can "increase your horsepower”!

— Michael McHugh, President

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Our Products

It’s essential to have good bedding in your horse stalls. Although horses are known to sleep standing, they also lay down for a few hours a day to get a deep sleep.

And as horse owners, we want the best for our animals but often stay with the material we’re familiar with, which is not always the right choice. When choosing bedding for stalls, we need to consider a few essential things.

  • Absorbency: The material’s ability to soak up moisture is necessary to keep horses healthy and comfortable. Standing in moisture causes thrush.

  • Ease of cleaning: It’s necessary to muck out stalls regularly, so you ease of cleaning is an essential factor to consider.

  • Dust: Horses standing in their stalls should not be exposed to an excessive amount of airborne particles. Horses can develop heaves from breathing dirty air.

  • Cushion: How well the bedding provides cushioning for your horse’s legs is critical to the health of your horse’s legs.

Stall Master Pine Shavings Large
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Large Flake

Medium Flake

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Micro Flake

Stall Master Pine Pellets
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Pine Pellets



Drying & Packaging System

Our pine shavings drying and packaging system is the most advanced in the country. It features:

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Advanced drying system with reduced emissions

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Vacuum screening for enhanced dust removal

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Proprietary separation system which removes undesirable pieces of bark, splinters and wood slivers

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100% recyclable or reusable shipping and packaging materials

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Horse Health Pine Shavings Horse Bedding


Equine Health

One of the main purposes of stall bedding is to quickly and efficiently absorb urine and moisture, as you do not want your horse standing on wet bedding and exposed to ammonia odors. You also want the bedding to be low-dust, soft and comfortable for your horse especially if your horse is older or in the stall for long periods of time.


With our 100% kiln-dried pine shavings you are able to naturally neutralize the urine and provide a high level of stall hygiene for optimum health.



What People Say About Us

"I was very impressed with the product given, I would like to share some of the experiences I had with the shavings, and I highly recommend using this product. The stall used was a 10x10 ft stall, so calculating about 3 large bags would cover the entire stall. The pine shavings absorbed the waste of the horses very well, they also had a nice scent. The storage of the shavings were very nice as well, when we put them in the stall it stayed together until spread out. These are some of the reasons I suggest this product." 

— Lillian Mowrey, Ocala Florida

Horse jumping pine shavings


Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you! Share your thoughts, questions and comments we will be sure to reach back to you as soon as possible. Located in Florida, we are proud to manufacture industry leading pine shavings for horses. We are wholesale only with our products available through authorized animal supply dealers.

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